Avoid Expensive Litigation Costs 
With Mediation

Offering Closure And Compassion

The use of ADR methods and strategies is often about controlling costs and reaching a fast resolution. In a wrongful death suit, ADR methods can meet another need for the plaintiffs: emotional resolution.

In mediation, all sides have to work with each other to find an outcome that they can agree to. One of the major aspects of a grieving person’s journey is to find closure with the person(s) they consider responsible.

A Sensitive Legal Situation Demands A Sensitive Legal Solution

Using mediation allows for wrongful death suits to be less contentious, more understanding and sympathetic so that the tensions can be de-escalated, can achieve an outcome faster and provide a more unique and creative solution for everyone.

With his experience helping grieving individuals as a doctor and my experience as a certified mediator, Mr. Ravis is well suited to guide you through this process. Reach out today to learn more about how he can help you. Call 310-861-4933 or send an email using this form.