Avoid Expensive Litigation Costs 
With Mediation

Mediation For Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawsuits are expensive and emotional concerns for patients and healthcare providers. Mr. Ravis understands the pressures your clients are facing. Providers have concerns about their licenses, insurers are concerned about the expense of litigation and the risk of a high judgment in court, and patients are usually traumatized emotionally and want to get on with their lives.

How Mediation Makes An Impact On Medical Malpractice Cases

One of the major components of mediation is de-escalation. In medical malpractice claims, the plaintiffs are often facing major worries, from lifelong injuries to even recovering for the death of a loved one due to a medical error. Mediation can help  control the emotional aspects of these cases. An effective mediator like Mr. Ravis can explain, based on experience, the risks to all parties of continuing the litigation and going to trial in court. The plaintiff could end up with nothing and, even worse, a large cost bill from the defendant(s). Defendants face the possibility of a large jury verdict in addition to the continued expense of the litigation.

Mediation Or Arbitration?

In a medical malpractice lawsuit, you may be required to enter mediation as part of the litigation process. In mediation, you will meet with the opposing party and discuss the injuries and outcomes.

Sometimes patients sign a waiver of their rights to go to court and have a jury trial. Many physicians and groups require this waiver. Quite often, patients don’t even realize they have signed away their rights to go to court. In these case, arbitration of the dispute is usually required.

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Mr. Ravis is  in a unique position to know what your clients are  going through. If you come to him for mediation, he will be the truly neutral party you need to facilitate settlement. Reach out to him today to find out more about his services. You can call 310-861-4933 or send an email using this form.