Avoid Expensive Litigation Costs 
With Mediation

There Are Many Ways To Solve A Legal Problem

The United States legal system is an adversarial one, meaning that there are always two or more sides. It is process with massive stakes and complicated rules. You need expert help to navigate the process to a successful conclusion.

As a mediator or arbitrator, Mark Ravis offers a different way forward. In mediation, it’s not a black-and-white, win/lose proposition. Mediation is about finding a way forward that is easier for everyone. Learn more about his background and qualifications in the link below:

A Doctor And An Attorney

As a medical doctor, Mr. Ravis has firsthand experience with the struggles that face health care professionals and patients within the system.

Mr. Ravis takes pride in assisting all parties to a dispute through mediation and arbitration. His legal and medical experience is an invaluable asset to to disputing parties.

Respected Across Southern California

In his time as a lawyer, he has built a reputation with diligent and compassionate service to many under-represented groups. Through his work in civil rights cases, he understands the struggles and hardships of minority communities.

What Mr. Ravis offers is a solemn promise of attentive service and a willingness to continue to work with parties even after the formal mediation session to bring their dispute to a successful resolution.

Find The Right Path Forward With Mediation

When you need to take some of the pressure off your case, consider mediation. Call 310-861-4933 or send an email to get started.